Sunday, April 26, 2009

Schools Out

okay so its friday and everyone is finally done with finals now most people have went home during the week and the people who havent want to have one last night of the bottles got to poppin and some of these dudes were really tryna go all out aka my roommate and this is how it ended up... this man sleep in the bathroom for like 3 hours straight tellin me that he chillin and he gonna come out to the bed anyway nobody in my building liked my ra cause she wrote people up too much or somethin i aint have a prob with her really but its whatever so some dudes from a random floor came to our floor in the middle of the night and did this (see pics at end of post) they did ask me if i wanted to help but frankly i aint give enough of a fuck to waste my time doing this shit well anyway heres what it looked like...




that shit was wild yo and the dudes that were cleanin it up were mad as shit but you cant be mad at em cause i know i woulda been too

Possible Track Name of the Day: Schools' Out

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