Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sorry Dudes!

to my loyal people that like what i gotta say ive been in this struggle with these finals the past couple days so life has been rough for real but im done tomorrow at 10am so ima destroy the blogosphere tomorrow like i did last week or whatever(shout out to jon for teachin me that word) so yeah i got this math final tomorrow and if i want a B in the class i gotta do good so a nigga gotta study tonight not to mention get some sleep a nigga gotta wake up at 7 or some shit shout out to everyone who knows this struggle man fuck it man im celebrating 420 tomorrow and whatever else happens happens i dunno all i know is to let yall know this week coming up will hopefully make spring break look like some lame shit for real and im gettin frames, and im gettin this studio situation down its gonna be some good shit cutta whats good drew i see you lee! everybody else we poppin bottles got that green on deck back crew steppin up its a movement ima blog for real...cop that deeper than rap that shit is hard heres one of my favorites off the joint


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