Monday, April 6, 2009

Animal Planet

these dudes stole my saturday yo im still heated but anyway...

ive been watchin animal planet allday man and this shit got me scared of the outdoors megacondas(big ass snakes), death worms, and all this other shit man this could be some real shit but fuck it i wont be in the outdoors anyway...they got this show where they reenact times when these animals that havent been discovered yet like the deathworm could have possibly killed the person and this shit was gettin wild in the one the dudes straight cryin and shit but it looked hella fake... all im sayin is you should do yourself a favor and put the tv on animal planet and lose the remote its really a good look

im bout to play with mixcraft for alittle while...

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: B.A.C.K. Vs. Wild

yeah thats straight cause of my animal planet day


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