Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two Weeks

only got two more weeks of this shit left man! thats what it is for real i just need to let it be known that family guy is the funniest show oucheah man this shit has me consistently dying on a daily basis and the simpsons too i need to start writin some tv pilots or some shit lol

but for real tomorrow im bout to get it in with my nig trice and hopefully unveil some shit to the world that should be pretty good...i was watching making the band today i swear that shit is either type fake or them niggas is type gay but its whatever either way i still fucks with the still whillin over how hard the last kiss is like that shit is prob the best album of the year so far in my opinion until deeper than rap you already know...

Possible Mixtape Name of The Day: Two Weeks Notice


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