Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Words By Lee

Why waste time on a guy that doesnt
understand you or know wat you want an
like, instead of accepting the guy who knows
you from head to toe what you want an wat you
dont? Its like having two choices either get the car
of your dreams with every detail runs just how you want
it or build the car of your dreams by yourself havin to constantly
fix it an test it over an over putting months an months of hard work
into it just for it to fail? You get what i'm saying? I've heard this quote so
many times used dont judge a book by its cover but its usually used for women.
But why dont yall try that, put aside your pride an try something new thats why
your living right to have fun an try new things, not be stuck up an bitchy! Like
i've got to know so much more stuff just by datin an talking to all sorts of races
religions. People always say hard work pays off but if you were given the easy
path with no strings attached would you take it? I mean for most obviously not
bc if you ever turned down a guy who wasnt bad lucking an knew what you
needed for a guy who you think no let me correct that who you want to know
you like that you chose the hard way. Then you get mad an cry when your
heart is broken, but look what you did to that guy that was willling to go all
out for you, wouldnt you call that karma. I mean come on now it doesnt hurt
to take that risk yall risk everything on that one guy everyone knows will hurt
you dont you? When people were tryin to tell you he cheating and messin
around with other girls you ignored that fact. But if you datin someone
less popular an not as good lookin as the other guy an your friends start
talking about it your all open ears an you ready to break up with hin.
I mean just think where we'd be if no one in the world took risks. The
moral is fuck what people saying when someone knows how to treat you
take it if you turnin him down for someone who your on the fence with
your asking to get hurt. Get to know a guy before you judge a guy bc for
all you know he may change your life in a good way so stop being
so stuck up hell bent on what you think you need an open your eyes an
ears! Just think about that instead of letting it go into one ear an out the other!

P.S. For the ones that say he aint my type! How do you know your type when you havent even been with every guy. Thats like havin 3 pieces of cake in front of you an you eatin one an sayin this is my favorite one!

thats some real shit on the overview ima read it later and say my thoughts


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