Saturday, April 18, 2009

my fault,but...

my fault for these random ass dissapearences from the blogosphere (forgot where i heard that word but i fucks with it) i been handling some things and what not. so any way my fault, but i come bearing gifts peep it. im sitting at the comp researching on some shit for skool and while i was taking down some notes i started to just scribble down random words and stuff (we've all done it) but then shit started coming to together and i dont know this just happened....

Gravity Woes, as shit takes its toll
and of this situation I dont got a hold
then come the thoughts of making cheese and moving packs
i stay in skool to keep my mind off things like that
then my stomach growl and them thoughts
they come right back

so what do I do, a young nigga all broke and confused
I wanna get to better days but dont know what path to choose
for right now, I choose these beats and rhymes, over doing crime and doing time
maybe one day Ill get signed, to a major
for right now, just a Broke Ass College Kid with a music major

If a deal come by chance, Imma take my advance
but I aint buying no chains
Im buying food for kids in Africa to heal their hunger pains
While Im at it, some bottled water to quinch their thirst
Cause the drinking water polluted, to make situations worst
Europeans use the coast to dump toxic waste
This shit a dissgrace, they feel our whole race is a waste


  1. thats some real rap yo...we need to make a song bout that situation

  2. im down i dont feel im finished on that but thats where i stopped for blogsake cause i was straight blacking with the pen
    ...right now me and google going at it over this adsense shit

  3. yo make sure you dont put my name on that shit im

  4. not your anme but i did put your # tho... in the heat of battle w/ google i think i canceled it already but i pla to put it back up

  5. okay that works if they need another name put jamel johnson lol