Sunday, April 12, 2009

True Life

I swear mtv has gone down the gutter these days i am watching true life im addicted to porn...nigga i done seen some dumb episodes of this show but porn does not really fuck people lives up damn son that shit is stupid...i told myself i wasnt even gonna blog tonight but damn yo this nigga say he is a chronic masturbator nigga please mtv step your game up get some real shit on these airwaves...and maybe a music video or 2 i remember back in the day when i could at least watch a video at 3 in the morning while im chillin and this nigga on the show gay! fuck im whillin

on another note hope you had a great lee out here tryna find some new frames to cop so i can be fresher than usual like usual style extra crucial! i seen observe and report it was a funny movie besides 30 min in the middle that are random as hell but it wasa mantinee my nigs only 5! i swear next movie date i go on will be a mantinee and dinner step your game up nigs aint even cheap shit its spending a whole day up...but you aint ballin like that for some reason im whillin lol

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: True Life of True Life

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