Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Newest Deal

okay so Ive been doing some reading bout the stimulus package and from what ive read im not gonna lie its not perfect but some people are taking this alittle bit too far...there were these "tea parties" yesterday basically about the stimulus and how upper middle class people have to pay more for their taxes which is true but they cant understand what this money does... also i saw people with signs that said taxation without representation i know this was a type formal entry so far but...are people really that fucking stupid i mean damn like do they even know what shit means losing an election and not having what you want to happen happen is not fucking comparable to the american revolution i mean damn that shit pisses me off not only did you vote for the president you voted for senators and members of the house of representatives so fuck get that shit out of here its really absurd to me...and for real the money is going to good places like repairing the intrastructure of the nation and i also read that there is money going to businesses that will help create over 2 millions jobs i mean is that not good or something?

and for those who feel that the stimulus itself was a bad idea NYU economics professor said that without any stimulus we would end up in a very severe recession and i dont know about you but personally i like my house and possessions...also some feel that the stimulus should have included more money because the infrastructure needs to be repaired a lot people need to understand that it order for jobs to be created we need business to receive more money in order for businesses to receive money somebody has to give it to them and whos gonna give it to them besides the government??? i mean i cant i wouldnt if i could probably so stop searching for the bad and think for a minute about the good

i mean im no economics expert i mean i dont even have an a in intro to econ and im surely not a politican im just a dude in college tryin my best to understand whats goin on with this and give yall my take you know what i mean so dont try to cruify me

while i was doing my research i tried to search youtube for clips about the new deal and the new stimulus package and i tried to watch this shit from fox news and i couldnt even do it like should change the name of the network to fuck democrats, or we rich it would at least convey what you bout to watch the shit is cause like i was tryna see the things were bad with the package but it seemed more like personal attacks to me...but at the end of the day what do i know?

this is me on my type editorial shit lol and the main point of this is too show that people need to stop hating its not perfect but it will work in my opinion and basically give it a chance...



  1. change fox to we rich. that had me dying. but on a serious note republicans are idiots, tea parties and what not. fox should really change its name to fuck the poor. rush limbaugh tried to compare him saying he wanted barack to fail to him wanting to kurt warner to fail as if this is a game. Peoples lives are at stake. TRILLA.

    - the heartbeat of the burbs, Diddy

  2. yeah man these dudes is obsurd limbaugh might as well wear his white suit to work and i aint even talk bout these dudes tryna get "hip hop" voters