Wednesday, April 15, 2009


im goin in to this koint with no type of direction its a freestyle blog well fuck it lets go!...ive been tryna to get my old school rap game up as i probably talked bout before and i been on my new york shit aka biggie jay z and nas i got this big l also but i decided that i wanna get some different vibes and go on my own route so im bout to start vibin to straight blues albums im talkin bb king otis redding that type shit cause thats my shit im try to infuse into some story telling and what not...shit is real out here man i got these finals comin up (good thing im listening to blues lol) i cant take this shit man im tryna fast forward through this shit man i cant take it...9 days though we gon make it after that its B.A.C.K. on some other shit ima be type reckless and tryna get it in at all costs so harco holla at me early on the 25th it goes down man

im tryna get some back crew shirts made its gonna go down...its a movement well nah its not but hopefully it can become one lol see if you can tell one thing from the blog its that we real nigs man i aint tryna fake to nobody man we just livin life spittin and chillin and doin this school thing...even though it type sucks man all i know is i got class at 9 and its 1:30 fuck blogging i think im addicted i gotta do it at least once a day but fuck it its freeing and what not i think the second poem might go down tomorrow we'll see though...till then keep it trill folks its mikey over and out

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: Undeniably Deniable

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