Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools

okay so you know we at skoolhouseback are always down for some fun so we had to have a little trickery go down today...

enter my man francis this dude is hilarious so me and a couple dudes on the floor decide to take the white board out from under his we in dorm rooms so without the white board its straight mattress barely sittin on where the board go, and then the ground...he bout to go to sleep and im talkin to him after i walk out i hear a bang and he says ahhh fuck!! hilarious then he was whillin while im sittin in my room he calls my phone and i give him the board...this dude said he was threatening people and shit lol it was great...

so since you fine people are reading this i guess you also have not been hit with the virus to end alll viruses(bluff!) man i aint gonna lie though i had to step my virus protection game up cause if i lose access to my shit ima be sad yo...i think microsoft straight had the dude who made that shit killed cause the bounty was 250 thousand i mean shit if i knew where dude was i woulda took alittle vacation myself you dig...

shout out to tina i told you i was gonna shout you out....i feel like i aint been on the blog in a minute...cutta drew n marc came out here last week and we got it in that was needed man them niggs loved it too man

i was on tv last friday that was also some cool tryna get my local celebrity game up you already know...umm i wanna really state a date that ima drop this mixtape that needs to go down right now i wanna say early june i think it will really go down, i wanna start thinkin of names for it right now i have possibles as, We B.A.C.K., Rough Times in Good Places, or I Guess It Could Be Worse... , those will be if im on that fuck college talk if not then ima make it Schools In Session...fuck it if you got a good name let me know I aint cocky ill give you credit lol


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