Saturday, April 18, 2009


its your boy and ive been doing research once again my nigs...but this time ive been studying rap strictly and half these dudes is some lame i mean if you sit back and listen to biggie nas and jay z like really line for line and word for word its like 90% of these niggas want to be them and im like yo people need to take a step back to be themselves and just talk bout what they i might call myself the subarbian biggie but you wont hear me spittin some shit like "and i was on the block little niggas wanted drama i grabbed the glock" cause thats not me like the shit is played out i feel like spittin bout gangsta shit and even spittin bout girls is corny to a point unless thats what you really know but i mean its not even that its just some of these niggas is lames to me i dunno man but anyway im on my shit man i got less than 6 days till im back in my county...cutta i seen your little poem joint and that is probably the realest shit ive read in while say that on a beat man we need to get our story out yo...

Snippet of a Verse:
...see personally i chose the latter
but im startin from the bottom dont got a ladder
but somehow im still climbin...

Possible Track Name of the Day: One Man's Pirate



  1. i fucks with this joint hard its mixtape aka ziptape material... son change the tittle to "one mans pirate" i gotta a whole track idea in my head

  2. okay ima do that...and ima also take the verse off cause i had this dream i was on worldstar listenin to a nigga spit my shit lol

  3. lls i was thinking samiliar shit when i was posting my joint,then i was thinking what can i do if that shit really happen lol