Monday, April 6, 2009

Fruit Loops

my day today consisted of studying and trying to make a good beat...instead of tryna make an amazing one i said fuck it made 3 okay joints and ima write a verse to em tomorrow it should be straight i guess

this beat making shit is really hard work i guess its cause i hae no idea what im doing besides a 20 minute youtube video...i guess i kinda went in i should prob just leave that shit to cutta lol...but fuck it ima go back to what i do best tomorrow and accomplish some shit maybe even put it on the blog but well find out

the last kiss come out tomorrow ima have to listen to that shit for real i aint get a chance yet heard it was good as though hopefully it is cause kiss is that nigga and the kiss my ass mixtape was hard as fuck

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: Fruity Loops and Fruit Loops


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