Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thoughts 2

i just sayin if you think lil wayne is the best rapper ever you should do yourself a favor, write down three valid reasons that support your statement...if amyone can convince me with three solid facts that he is better than biggie jay or nas i will strictly listen to rocko, 2 pistols, and oj da juiceman for 3 the dude is good but he just isnt the best like he dont really spit that thought provoking shit the only valid reason i will accept i can think of is how he floods the street with a whole bunch of music...i aint sayin dude aint good he a good rapper but he aint top 10 you feel me so i gave yall one of the three reasons theres a headstart i only need 2 more reasons then ill download the cds and get ready for 3 months of hell matterfact if someone can get these 2 reasons ill make it those 3 rapppers but no songs with anyone featured...that would make me cry myself to sleep every night lol

okay so besides that shit im doing whatever i can to make myself stay away from these books lol ive been on on the web doing nothing for bout 4 hours straight this shit is great fuck finals a day26 fan yo i aint gonna lie theres some suspect homos in the group i aint gonna lie the show gets type homo at times but both cds are pretty good man and big mike is my nigga for real i feel that dudes struggle bout to listen to asleep in the bread aisle i think ima do my first album review on this joint holla


  1. asleep in the bread aisle suppost to drop 4/20... you got it ???