Thursday, April 16, 2009

To Go Off Lee

for real it seems like some girls want to get hurt they have the opportunity sometimes to try and start somethin good with a good dude but they wanna go back to a dude that does em dirty...and it seems like they never believe people when they are told dude cheats or somethin...i mean no matter what you think if over 5 people tell you the same rumor its most likely true relationships get messed up over this type of stuff this just aint to females either if i have a really close friend and they tell me that my girl is messin with another dude ima believe them dont think that they tryna mess my situation up i mean come on now people we need realize things arent always what you want them to be life is real...and on the tip of not being your type lee was right if you never gave dude a chance then your wrong in the situation for all you know minus looks dude could be your perfect match sometimes its deeper than looks

and to my nig lee thats some real rap you spit my dude we need to drop a track on this topic you already know man 8 days till g is back

Possible Mixtape Name of the Day: Hear to Bring the 90's B.A.C.K.

yo i think that is says everything that needs to be said in the title how yall feel bout that cause im really tryna bring that 90's rap scene back or do what i can man


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